tirsdag den 6. marts 2012

How i want to look today: Boris Special

As many of you might have noticed i am quite a Boris Bidjan sucker! I just really love his raw, yet sophisticated aestetic. With a flair for unique techniques and finishes in the making of the garments, as well as a passion for even the simpliest details, Boris has grown to become a firm favourite of mine! This look is a mix of what i love from Boris. The casualness of the inventive sneakers, in which you also sense the hip-hop background Boris comes from. The glued seam trousers gives us an example of Boris' mastering of techniques and construction. Furthermore the shirt underlines the earlier mentioned aestetic in a casual re-interpretation of the classic button up shirt. The look is completed by showing off the great tailoring talents Boris also possess. This time in a sharply cut one-button formal jacket that can lift up an entire outfit!
Pointed toe sneakers by Boris Bidjan Saberi- 780 Euro from PNP
Seam glued pants by Boris Bidjan Saberi - 780 Euro from PNP
Button up shirt by Boris Bidjan Saberu - 480 Euro from PNP 
One button suit jacket by Boris Bidjan Saberi - 1050 Euro from PNP

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