søndag den 11. marts 2012

New In: Lumen et Umbra knit

One of my favourite brands, which unike me is still affordable, Lumen et Umbra landed their first delivery at PNP last week and because i am always looking for good basics, this lovely light weight cotton knit caught my eyes instantly! With Lumen et Umbra you are always guaranteed good quality, well thought details and interesting choice of materials and construction! This knit is no exception! The interesting seam work throughout the body, in the arms especially, underlines excactly what it is i love about clothes. The construction, the thought behind, and of course the anatomical influences that a simple thing as a basic knit possess. When it at the same time is super comfortable, easy to implement in one's wardrobe and off course looks as good as i think it does, things couldn't be any better! I hope that you can get an idea about my philosophy by looking at these pictures - or maybe i am just really nerdy?

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