mandag den 2. april 2012

Sample Sale

Three of the most exciting and cutting edge Copenhagen based brands, Aleksandr Manamis, Jean//Phillip and the newly transfered swedish brand, Obscur have joined forces and set up one of the coolest events held in Copenhagen ever. April 11th and 12th they invite everyone with an avantgarde and imaginative taste to an intruiging sample sale featuring collection samples, past seasons clothes and a lot of other interesting stuff! I have personally made several great buys at the former Aleksandr Manamis and Jean//Phillip sample sales, so if you are in town I recommend that you stop by Larsbjørnstræde 1, 1 on the left between 9 and 19 the two earlier mentioned days! I am unfortunately not in town at that time, but i hope that the rest of you get yourselves some great deals at the sample sale!

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