tirsdag den 24. juli 2012

Dreaming of: Layer-0 Hemp blazer

I have always had a thing for the nostalgic look. Think chimney sweeper from the early 1900's. This Layer-0 blazer, in a luxurious hemp/cotton/silk-mix has all the features of a classic, versatile blazer with a twist. It is cut quite slim, it is held in a black toned color, but most importantly is it it simple but with understated details such as the anatomically seams at the back along with the interesting seamwork in the arms of the jacket. All these things make up for the versatility jacket that I am always looking for in jacket. The pricetag, as you might have guessed, is not as flattering as the jacket, but that is what one must come to accept if one likes this kind of aesthetic. The blazer by Layer-0 can be found at my favorite store, PNP right here

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